Design in Our Daily Life

Different elements of design are seen everywhere around us in our day to day lives. It doesn’t usually cross our minds as we pass, but we can find it in almost everything. Design is the aspect of life that we think about subconsciously. It’s the reason you wear Nike’s over Adidas or why you chose the blue house instead of the yellow house. These may be simple things but they make up a world of influence into everything we do. A more specific example would be a companies logo or motto. They’re designed to not only represent the company but to influence you different ways subconsciously.

Living on a college campus there is design all around me. From the library with its tall glass siding to the landscaping and layout of the sidewalks on campus. College campuses across the country are designed to promote creativity, collaboration,  and to be eco-friendly.

I filmed and edited a short video showcasing only a few of the many highlights in design here on campus. I began by taking a walk through campus to pick out the select things I’d end up including in my video. I drew up a small storyboard with the kind of shots I wanted to shoot and set out to film. As my video took shape through filming my original image shifted from my storyboard to a whole new idea. Below is a sneak peek into the beautifully designed campus of Grand Valley State University.



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