SEO and WordPress Blogs

Today we have another installment of the ongoing process to building your brand. We can take a look at our brands and by using SEO and SEM we can help make our content get found sooner.  SEO and SEM stand for Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Managment. Both extremely important in the process of promoting your brand and your website. What is SEO? (100-1k) SEO helps to increase traffic on our websites with more quality viewers. We do this by using different keywords and tags to help boost your websites search results. For optimizing my website for search engines I used an extremely helpful tool called AdWords, by Google. I started off using five key words for my site: Design (1k-10k), Blog (1k-10k), SEO (1k-10k), WordPress (1ook-1M), Graphic Design (1k-10k). First I entered these into AdWords where it gathered search rate data, pricing, and alternate keywords. Using Google AdWords can be very powerful when it comes to finding an audience for a variety of topics. Using tags and keywords in WordPress blog (100-1k) posts or websites is crucial to optimizing your website.

For an example of the benefits of SEO, say I begin to get more interested in interior design (1k-10k) or web design (1k-10k). In my post’s I’d want to be sure to be using words like interior and web more frequently.

With SEO and SEM there are endless ways you can promote and boost your website’s traffic.  You personally can create a creative design (1k-10k) plan for your website and its keywords and tags.





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