Google Analytics Certified!

So I’ve recently received my Google Analytics certification! Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool which can be used to help keep track of your website traffic and endless data points. From how people get to your site to which page they end up leaving your site from; there are endless possibilities. The precision this tool has allows you to make decisions focused on a small city or a whole state.

I began taking the course early in the week and it only took me a few days of about an hour a day to complete the course. The lessons consist of written articles and videos teaching you the ins and outs of Google Analytics. To receive your certification you have to take an exam that’s about two hours long consisting of different situations and tasks such as determining the number of visitors came to your page through email or google searches. I completed the exam in about an hour and a half with a score of 97% percent on my first attempt! Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 10.26.31 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 10.26.50 PM

Knowing how to use Google Analytics has allowed me to expand my brand in more ways than ever before. Using the endless data points available I can choose where to focus my time more efficiently. Whether it’s focusing on how people get to my site and making it more effective or editing my website to make it more intriguing to keep visitors on my site and keep them coming back.

The biggest advantage I had with Google Analytics was the keyword tools. Knowing which keywords were getting the most or least hits helped me assess which I should use more often or use less of. Incorporating these keywords into my blogs and titles will help them have better hit results and in turn bring more visitors to my blog.

I highly recommend anyone who is trying to find better ways to promote their websites, businesses, or brands to look into Google Analytics and receive their certification. The possibilities this program opens up for you is endless and can help improve your brand across the web!


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