Relay For Life

A few weeks ago I attended the Relay For Life put on by the campus in association with the American Cancer Society. Relay For Life is an event where different student organizations team up to help raise money in support of cancer research. This year Relay For Life took place in the field house on Grand Valley State Universities campus. Teams set up tables, tents, and games within the inside of the track. As you walk or run around the track you can stop and participate in different games and fundraising efforts ranging from dunk tank to food and bake sales. All the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society and the goal is to be the team to raise the most money.

The relay runs from 6 P.M. to 6 A.M taking dedication to stick all the way through. I arrived to relay at about 1 A.M. and stayed till just a bit before 6! During my time there I walked roughly two miles, enjoyed baked goods and walking tacos, and had a blast just hanging with friends and making new ones! There were different competitions such as human hungry hungry hippo, dance-offs, and the last event of the night was a big dance party on stage where everyone stopped what they were doing and went on stage to let loose.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 4.59.58 PM.png

Above is a selfie I took at the relay pretty late in the event. I was really tired but I had a blast and so happy I was able to apart of great cause and meet some awesome people.




[Relay For Life logo w/ American Cancer Society logo]. (2017, April 2). Retrieved April 23, 2017, from


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