Google Analytics Certified!

So I’ve recently received my Google Analytics certification! Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool which can be used to help keep track of your website traffic and endless data points. From how people get to your site to which page they end up leaving your site from; there are endless possibilities. The precision this tool has allows you to make decisions focused on a small city or a whole state.

I began taking the course early in the week and it only took me a few days of about an hour a day to complete the course. The lessons consist of written articles and videos teaching you the ins and outs of Google Analytics. To receive your certification you have to take an exam that’s about two hours long consisting of different situations and tasks such as determining the number of visitors came to your page through email or google searches. I completed the exam in about an hour and a half with a score of 97% percent on my first attempt! Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 10.26.31 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 10.26.50 PM

Knowing how to use Google Analytics has allowed me to expand my brand in more ways than ever before. Using the endless data points available I can choose where to focus my time more efficiently. Whether it’s focusing on how people get to my site and making it more effective or editing my website to make it more intriguing to keep visitors on my site and keep them coming back.

The biggest advantage I had with Google Analytics was the keyword tools. Knowing which keywords were getting the most or least hits helped me assess which I should use more often or use less of. Incorporating these keywords into my blogs and titles will help them have better hit results and in turn bring more visitors to my blog.

I highly recommend anyone who is trying to find better ways to promote their websites, businesses, or brands to look into Google Analytics and receive their certification. The possibilities this program opens up for you is endless and can help improve your brand across the web!


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Relay For Life

A few weeks ago I attended the Relay For Life put on by the campus in association with the American Cancer Society. Relay For Life is an event where different student organizations team up to help raise money in support of cancer research. This year Relay For Life took place in the field house on Grand Valley State Universities campus. Teams set up tables, tents, and games within the inside of the track. As you walk or run around the track you can stop and participate in different games and fundraising efforts ranging from dunk tank to food and bake sales. All the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society and the goal is to be the team to raise the most money.

The relay runs from 6 P.M. to 6 A.M taking dedication to stick all the way through. I arrived to relay at about 1 A.M. and stayed till just a bit before 6! During my time there I walked roughly two miles, enjoyed baked goods and walking tacos, and had a blast just hanging with friends and making new ones! There were different competitions such as human hungry hungry hippo, dance-offs, and the last event of the night was a big dance party on stage where everyone stopped what they were doing and went on stage to let loose.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 4.59.58 PM.png

Above is a selfie I took at the relay pretty late in the event. I was really tired but I had a blast and so happy I was able to apart of great cause and meet some awesome people.




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Tweeting with TweetDeck

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 5.24.55 PM

Managing your social media has never been easier. With TweetDeck you can schedule endless amounts of tweets for days, weeks, or months ahead of time. Alongside scheduling tweets, TweetDeck also divides up twitter into columns. This allows you to have multiple areas of Twitter open at once such as the home feed, notifications, discovery, and activity.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 5.35.49 PM

Being able to have multiple tabs open at once helps with efficiency of finding out what people are talking about and how you can join the discussion. This powerful tool can help you build your brand and promote you product or service quickly and easily. Not only does TweetDeck help you easily schedule tweets and stay on top of your social media, but it also saves you a ton of time which you can use to work on your product or business in other aspects!

Technology in Careers

In an age of technology, it is crucial to keep up to date with the latest programs and software. Many careers today require a knowledge of programs such as the Microsoft office suit, POS systems, and other programs specialized for different careers. The necessity for these skills has made finding jobs more difficult for many.

Below I’ve made a shortlist of jobs and the requirements. Many of them below require skill in Microsoft Office. Although, a select few have requirements of specialized programs such as POS and catering/beverage management programs.

Online there are thousands of certifications to be earned. These are usually assessments ranging from multiple tests to short quizzes and test your knowledge of different programs. One popular site with a huge array of these certifications is Hub Spot.



Sales and Event Coordinator

Big Rock Chophouse & The Reserve


  • 2+ years of relevant work experience in event marketing and coordinating
  • Proven knowledge of industry tools, such as P.O.S., cater event programs, Word and Excel


Social Media and Brand Marketing Specialist



  • 2 years of experience of  social media ad operations
  • Strong Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint skills
  • Use of social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube)


Social Media Manager

Fathead LLC

Quicken Loans and our family of companies 

  • Five years of experience in a social media or digital marketing role
  • Strong social media copywriting and/or visual design skills


Marketing Coordinator


Indeed > Meijer 

  • 3 years experience in marketing or comparable experience
  • Microsoft office skills – High skill in excel


Concessions Coordinator

Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park


  • 2-3 years hospitality experience with a working knowledge of food production and bar service
  • Skilled with computers including POS systems with a windows based format




SEO and WordPress Blogs

Today we have another installment of the ongoing process to building your brand. We can take a look at our brands and by using SEO and SEM we can help make our content get found sooner.  SEO and SEM stand for Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Managment. Both extremely important in the process of promoting your brand and your website. What is SEO? (100-1k) SEO helps to increase traffic on our websites with more quality viewers. We do this by using different keywords and tags to help boost your websites search results. For optimizing my website for search engines I used an extremely helpful tool called AdWords, by Google. I started off using five key words for my site: Design (1k-10k), Blog (1k-10k), SEO (1k-10k), WordPress (1ook-1M), Graphic Design (1k-10k). First I entered these into AdWords where it gathered search rate data, pricing, and alternate keywords. Using Google AdWords can be very powerful when it comes to finding an audience for a variety of topics. Using tags and keywords in WordPress blog (100-1k) posts or websites is crucial to optimizing your website.

For an example of the benefits of SEO, say I begin to get more interested in interior design (1k-10k) or web design (1k-10k). In my post’s I’d want to be sure to be using words like interior and web more frequently.

With SEO and SEM there are endless ways you can promote and boost your website’s traffic.  You personally can create a creative design (1k-10k) plan for your website and its keywords and tags.




Design in Our Daily Life

Different elements of design are seen everywhere around us in our day to day lives. It doesn’t usually cross our minds as we pass, but we can find it in almost everything. Design is the aspect of life that we think about subconsciously. It’s the reason you wear Nike’s over Adidas or why you chose the blue house instead of the yellow house. These may be simple things but they make up a world of influence into everything we do. A more specific example would be a companies logo or motto. They’re designed to not only represent the company but to influence you different ways subconsciously.

Living on a college campus there is design all around me. From the library with its tall glass siding to the landscaping and layout of the sidewalks on campus. College campuses across the country are designed to promote creativity, collaboration,  and to be eco-friendly.

I filmed and edited a short video showcasing only a few of the many highlights in design here on campus. I began by taking a walk through campus to pick out the select things I’d end up including in my video. I drew up a small storyboard with the kind of shots I wanted to shoot and set out to film. As my video took shape through filming my original image shifted from my storyboard to a whole new idea. Below is a sneak peek into the beautifully designed campus of Grand Valley State University.


Logos! Trust me they are fun.

You may think making a logo is a hell to be had, but it’s really not that hard. Taking only a few minutes you could have your brand new professional logo by tomorrow morning. Nt only do logos represent you, but they represent what you stand for. Subconsciously or consciously logos tell you a lot about a brand. So follow the steps below to make your way to the logo you’ve never had.

Be Yourself, Brand Yourself!


Through my experience, there’s never been a more important motto for life than to be yourself. Whether you’re in a professional or social setting there’s nothing better you can do than being yourself. As a professional the more you can promote yourself and create a unique persona, the more you’ll stand out from the competition (other job seekers). One way to make yourself stand out is to take 10 minutes out of your day to visit a website called Brand Yourself! It’s a simple yet powerful tool to help you build your brand. The first thing you’ll do is go through the top 100 search engine results of your name marking if they’re you or not you and a positive search result or negative.

My own experience with Brand Yourself was very positive! After sorting through the search results my online presence was graded as a B. Happy with my results and looking forward to improving them, Brand Yourself suggests helpful ways for improvement!

So if you’re looking to grow your personal brand and further your professional career.

Check out Brand Yourself and improve your brand as soon as you can!